September 29, 2014

haven’t posted a song to induce productivity in a while but OMG THE APP FOR THE FELLOWSHIP I’M APPLYING TO IS DUE IN A WEEK AND I FEEL SO UNPREPARED

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September 27, 2014
September 23, 2014

Anonymous said: Hi, i'm a freshman at Clemson right now but I may want to transfer to Emory next fall as a sophomore; I live near Atlanta and I feel like I would fit in at Emory a lot better than I do here. However, I'm a little worried about transferring in general. I don't have many friends here and it's scary knowing that I will again not know anyone at Emory. Will I have missed out on a lot of the social part because I wasn't there as a freshman?

first: it’s totally okay to feel like you haven’t made friends at this point freshman year. lots of people go through a period of feeling like they don’t know anyone… like, your orientation friends turned out to not be as similar to you as you thought, but no one ‘better’ has come along yet… once you get settled into your classes/extracurriculars, you’ll undoubtedly meet more people. even if you’re planning to transfer, i just wanted to encourage you on that. :) i actually have a lot of friends at clemson (people from high school) and if you’d like, i’d feel totally comfortable asking some of them to have coffee with you or something. just throwing that out there!

second: only three of my closest friends are people i met freshman year. you haven’t missed out! as you get acclimated life here, you’ll meet tons of people. not to mention that transfer students have their own events during orientation, too, so they can mingle! normally this is the point where i tell people that i’m 100% down to meet up and hang out, but who knows where i’ll be at this time next year (#senior).

good luck!!! if you have more questions about the transfer process, you can read what i’ve written before here. and seriously, feel free to message me off-anon if you want to talk more or want to see about meeting my friends at clemson.

  • me: now i just have to decide what to do this afternoon since i'm skipping class. mental health half-day!
  • dad: careful...
  • me: hey, this is better than last week, when i fell asleep in that class. during lecture. in front of the computer. holding a pen. taking notes.
September 22, 2014
i’m sorry i’ve been so absent recently, here are some scones i made.

i’m sorry i’ve been so absent recently, here are some scones i made.

September 21, 2014

Anonymous said: Do you know what the business and film programs at Emory are like?

i’m soooo sorry that it’s taken me like a year to get back to you on this! (disclaimer to other readers: not actually a year.)

here’s the deal: our business school is GREAT. everyone i know who goes there is super happy to do so, even to the point that it gets a little annoying. you can read the other stuff i’ve talked about re: the b-school here, or ask my girl sindhu, who is a current student there and also an all-around beautiful human.

here’s the other deal: our film and media studies department seems to be constantly expanding—at the very least, they have a growing presence on campus. especially after the closing of the visual arts department. they’re doing some cool stuff, and i can appreciate that. they are also currently employing me, so that’s good. if you want to talk to someone who is a student in the department and quite involved there, definitely hit up my man brandon. his blog is also great, even if you don’t want to say hi. but he’s friendly, so you should.

i think it’s also worth noting that if you’re planning to go into film/tv production, georgia is a great state to be in right now.

September 14, 2014

my weekend: made friendz/felt short, went to my first-ever college football game, was supremely unattractive at brick store.

September 11, 2014

Run this town No. 8
Black form painting no. 8 (1964), Mark Rothko / Run This Town, Jay-Z ft. Kanye West, Rihanna


Run this town No. 8

Black form painting no. 8 (1964), Mark Rothko / Run This Town, Jay-Z ft. Kanye West, Rihanna

September 9, 2014

my morning is off to a great start!

  • professor: you're here early today.
  • me: yeah, sorry, i mis-timed my walk to campus.
  • professor: [pauses]
  • professor: you know, i'm worried this class might be a little elementary for you.
September 8, 2014
September 4, 2014

kitty’s first night in his new home (my apartment): has whole couch, three chairs, and most of a full size bed to sleep on, chooses to pass out on my shins

alt-j, every other freckle.

September 3, 2014

Anonymous said: What are Emory students like?

they’re like… humans.

seriously though, i don’t think our school has a specific “type.” like i’ve mentioned a bunch recently, diversity (of identity and of thought) is a huge priority for us, so that’s what you’ll probably find.

i think emory has a stereotype of being populated by rich northerners, but in reality they’re not at all the majority—is that what you were trying to ask about? maybe i can help you more if you have a more specific question?

got my mat, my pants, and my water… all prepped for the first yoga class of the semester! i even have time enough to walk to class in the lovely weather. <3

got my mat, my pants, and my water… all prepped for the first yoga class of the semester! i even have time enough to walk to class in the lovely weather. <3

September 2, 2014

Anonymous said: What are some things that you don't like about Emory?

here are some things:

  • there’s always construction on campus. the purpose of this is, of course, to make improvements, but in the mean time it can be pretty damn inconvenient. the downsides to construction include (but are not limited to): noise pollution, unnecessary rerouting and detours, and even some air quality issues.
  • the people in my f***ing building can’t seem to figure out how to put their f***ing garbage in the f***ing garbage chute. IT MAKES ME SO ANGRY!!!!!! people literally stack their bags DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF THE CHUTE. WHY?!?!?!??! at least i’m not the only one getting angry about the garbage thing:
  • image

i would like to point out, though, that neither of these are emory-specific. there are construction sites and (i suspect) yucky lazy garbage people everywhere. if you’d like an example of an emory-specific issue, this is the only one i could think of:

  • have you heard the term “emory bubble”? that’s not a joke. emory operates completely differently than most of atlanta/georgia/the south. we aspire to have a diverse, inclusive community—one where no one feels alienated or disrespected because of their identities. and, compared to many places, we do a pretty good job—that’s why i mentioned it in my recent “why emory” post. so how is this a problem? it makes me forget what it’s like outside. as an example, i was pretty shocked when i saw that the person who posted that trash chute sign used the “r-word”. more shocked than i was about the profanity or the passive aggressive behavior. you just…don’t see that so often on this campus.

i hope this is helpful! i also hope you didn’t mind my trash chute rant. it’s an issue that weighs heavily on my mind.